Today in Bitcoin (2017-09-11) – Miners can reject 2X – Breaking Bitcoin Drama – China & Russia

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Why China Crushed Bitcoin

Russia Makes Its First Bitcoin Arrests for Illegal Trading

Bitcoin tumbles on report China to shutter digital currency exchanges

Billionaire Marks still says bitcoin is a 'speculative bubble'

Russia Faces Internal Battle Over Bitcoin

Massive Equifax Data Breach Could Impact Half of the U.S. Population

Insider Trading At Equifax Raises Questions As CFO And Other Execs Offload $1.78 Million In Shares – Company Facing Multi Billion Dollar Lawsuit As Well

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21 Comments on Today in Bitcoin (2017-09-11) – Miners can reject 2X – Breaking Bitcoin Drama – China & Russia

  1. I swear Mr. H I dont trust anyone else when it comes to BTC. All these other “altcoins” can suck it!
    BTC is the REAL DEAL! Everyone knows it.

  2. We have learnt a lot from this Breaking Bitcoin conference. We need 2 development teams that work independently of each other on two independent reference clients. I was becoming very suspicious of Bitcoin in that it may have been infiltrated by state Intelligence services. Thanks to JJ i have changed my mind. Intelligence services work in cells. Each cell has no idea what the other is up to. They would never make a mistake like this. Lets hope we have all learnt from this. That’s if state actors don’t try to take down the network before the release of Bitcoin-qt 0.15

    Ethereum have 2 reference clients Geth and Parity. This makes for a much better security approach. It makes for good security to have two independent clients. Lets have two independent teams too and keep development decentralized. That is unless you want a single point of failure.

  3. If I was in China, I’d think now would be the time to buy Bitcoin to make sure you’re “in”. However, you never know w/ their government controls, they could track down the people who bought it. Tough call. Good thing there is everywhere else.

  4. You’re a really good host Thomas. You do it really well.
    Always wonder why you wish a currency good morning at the start!

  5. I like how one guy makes one good point about Segwit2x being invalid due to BCash fork (which happened 40 days ago) and now suddenly everyone freaks out and agrees 😀

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