Today in Bitcoin (2017-08-29) – SEC Warns ICOs – Bitcoin $4700 – Time to buy Bitcoin?

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39 Comments on Today in Bitcoin (2017-08-29) – SEC Warns ICOs – Bitcoin $4700 – Time to buy Bitcoin?

  1. 0:24 Top stories
    4:00 Jimmy Song – Scaling/Mining
    5:50 Tone Vays – Market update
    13:00 NO2X memes

  2. Jimmy Song, perhaps Bcash miners only appear to be mining at a loss, until ASICBOOST is considered.

  3. The miners are mining bcash because they’re being subsidized (I think) by the central bankers. Bcash is an attack on bitcoin, clearly. Who is the most threatened by lightning network enabled bitcoin? Those are almost certainly the entities who are funding the attack.

    • @Vention1MGTOW thanks for the clarification. When i woke this morning, I asked myself,… why am i still mining Bitcoin Cash? But then i remembered. Some big bank is going to dump a load of cash in my lap. Hope they don’t take too long,… that paper money will be worthless by the time they get around to it.
      I have only one question for you “Vention1MGTOW” . How will they know where i live?.. I don’t have a bank account.

    • *+Paula Green*
      *>When i woke this morning, I asked myself,… why am i still mining Bitcoin Cash? But then i remembered. Some big bank is going to dump a load of cash in my lap*
      Nice story bro.

  4. As a long time Prepper and silver stacker I’m a bit more aware of what the elite central banking families are willing to do in order to protect their strangle hold on the economic life of the world. They’re willing to threaten or kill individuals, even important politicians. So OF COURSE THEY’RE ATTACKING BITCOIN. It’s the way they operate. Thank goodness Satoshi chose to remain anonymous. Decentralization is the only way to defend ourselves from them.

    • You are right that the banks and financial institution are attacking Bitcoin. They’ve been doing that for several years now and the attack is not coming from Bitcoin Cash.

    • Vention1MGTOW they are probably going to allow gold and silver to rise in price to steal some of bitcoin’s shine

    • *+Benjamin Cook*
      *>they are probably going to allow gold and silver to rise in price to steal some of bitcoin’s shine*
      Unlikely. The banksters don’t want the sheeple to have any investment available to them that doesn’t increase bankster profit and control. Bitcoin going up is bad enough but they won’t willingly compound it by allowing gold to rise. They will eventually lose control of gold and silver when the demand for physical metal exposes their ponzi scheme they run on the comex.

    • Vention1MGTOW as far as I knew, the rich have always been stockpiling gold, especially Rothch’ds. They won’t suffer when gold increases. There’s enough people that have faith in gold that don’t have faith in Bitcoin. So I see gold doing well and I know that the banks know they can’t manipulate it forever and they will not be caught with their pants down as far as gold is concerned.

  5. People who do things at a loss are
    A)Funded by an outside party so they can corner the market
    B)Playing the long game

    • C) Doing academic research and want real-time data sets for comparisons.
      @Abba Okoro, it’s a good job you don’t know how much Core Devs are paid.

    • Paula Green
      At a loss is different than doing charity work or voluntarily doing something as oppose to it being a business model

  6. [11:32] Tone or Jimmy, can miners that have activated SegWit choose to refuse to mine blocks larger than 1 MB in order to keep transaction fees artificially high and make Bitcoin Cash more appealing to users? Which miners might have an incentive to follow this strategy? Does this conspiracy theory make sense or is the distribution of larger blocks merely random and a consequence of the small number of SegWit transactions in the network according to

    • absolutely, in fact, I am accusing Antpool, ViaBTC and pools of doing this. Would love to see someone technical prove it for me

    • Tone Vays is there anyway we can choose who mines our transactions? If we can than i wanna play my part in who mines my transactions.

    • Tabatha Flores not that I know of other then ViaBTC offering to clear first 100 transactions sent to them after every block on the cheap during May Spam Attack. it was part of their propoganda push for big blocks while supporting the network spam. they are liers and scammers. I don’t know of other instances where you can send a transaction directly to a miner.

  7. Regarding the possible reasons that might take miners to operate at a loss on bcash. How about state-subsidized mining?

    • you can look for someone else’s code in the indicator section. I do not give away my code for free. If you are interested in a consulting session that comes with the code, you can email me at

  8. Good stuff!

    Guys do you have a account? That would be great, in light of Twitter increasing censorship each day bit by bit.

    • I personally invested a bit into them seeing as they were active on Twitter but they have since closed the ability to buy hashpower. so I’m out, and out about 1k dollars. I’ve since moved on to and I’m waiting to order an Avalon 7 like Tone. I’m mining with my gtx1070 on nicehash and make 70 a month in BTC.

  9. Its not hard to develop the UI for segwit, and have it hidden from the user until the day the network activates segwit. There is no reason why the UI should start *after* activation. Why couldn’t one of those 100 developers who are part of the “core dev army” code up the UI and have it tested during the past year that segwit was in the process of being accepted by the miners?

  10. I’m very disappointed in the wallet I have been using, Still no BTC cash support. Is there a wallet that will be quicker for any future hardforks in coins?

  11. To be honest with you, the SEC actually have some good points there, whatever their objective may be. A beginner should get that talk before blindly jumping in.

  12. Hello there.
    I have a question regarding hw wallets for Jimmy please. If the majority of the bitcoin users start to use a hw wallet like Ledger Nano’s or Trezor’s – what happens to the network? What happens to the number of nodes securing the network? That also goes for the on-line wallets I guess. Could you elaborate a bit on that topic please? KRgds Michael

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