The Bitcoin News Show #72 – Overt ASICBoost Patent, Future of HW Wallets, 2018 Year of Crypto Regs?

The Bitcoin News Show for the week of March 5th with your host @theonevortex and special guest @slushcz!

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Shoutout to DJ Booth 007 (@djbooth007) for making a bot that helps warn people about crypto scam tweets on twitter

Twitter Pledges Action on Crypto Scams After Account Bans

The coin PAC found itself in the top 3 of coinmarketcap for a few hours due to it's creation of 7.8 trillion coins and around ~40btc of volume

More and more regulation coming down on ICOs as FinCEN suggested that Money Transmitter Rules should Apply to ICOs

'All Funds Are Safe': Binance Denies Crypto Hack Rumors

Overt ASICBoost patent

Hardware wallets, what's happening and where is the industry going?

2018 Will Be the Year of Cryptocurrency Regulation, But is That a Bad Thing?