12 Comments on One-on-One w/Andy Hoffman – Episode 29 – Special Guest Rocky Palumbo

  1. Yes, it’s planned selling – glad you said it.
    The purpose is to demonstrate to the market that it’s at the mercy of big money, slowly squeezing the upside hope out of it and preventing it from finding “fair” market value – just like what happens with gold all the time.
    Tell me I’m wrong. I want to be wrong.

    • Roy Wessbecher I think ur wrong. Too many shorts . I believe traders trying to liquidate certain exchanges. I have no proof just what I picked up from different opinions.

  2. You say bitcoin cash is not doing so well but all I see is Merchants accepting it very rapidly it’s hard to say it’s failing. and it’s also hard to listen to grown men calling a coin bcash seems kind of childish, not someone I will take real advice. from.

    • And you wonder why Game Stop accepts Bitcoin Cash, Microsoft accepts Bitcoin Cash, Bitpay accepts Bitcoin Cash.. is because dumb comments like that. You know for a coin that you say is trash it’s most certainly getting a lot of traction. wouldn’t you say?

    • jim jones i honestly don’t understand why fixing transaction malleability and introducing the lightning network is not desirable? Or is that not what you’re saying?

  3. What happened to BRhodium?? Andy was the king of BRhodium hype, so, what’s up with it?? How ’bout some follow up to Tweets like this Andy? ” With just six days until the highly-anticipated launch of BRhodium – the first #Bitcoin-inspired crypto-dividend distributed via airdrop; I want to elaborate on why I believe the “common knowledge” analysis being utilized to anticipate its valuation is highly flawed…” etc.

    • Atleast I was able to get my BRhodium because of Andy. I wouldn’t have even known about it if he didn’t talk about it.

  4. Andy doesn’t comprehend TA, that’s why he held silver from the top alllllllllll the way down. ignored clear TA.

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