18 Comments on Off Chain Ep 9 – Q&A about Bitcoin Gold and 2x

  1. Sure NVidia and AMD are the most notable GPU producers, but don’t forget that Intel gives one away with almost every consumer CPU it sells.

  2. You say we will need larger blocks eventually, so 2x sets us up for the future. I understand 2x blocks will take twice as long to transmit, and this tends to centralize mining but doubling the link speed will offset this effect.

  3. appreciate your intellectual honesty… getting harder to find among some of the leading Bitcoin figures…

  4. National crypto currencies really positive long term for btc, It will get the public at large accustomed to the idea of crypto currencies. Later, they will compare and consider the benefits of a long(at that stage more so) established decentralised coin. BTC will attract more money in. Long game.

  5. Thanks Jimmy!! Love watching you practice being impartial. It’s hard and you are doing an awsome job. Also : your info is so valuable!! I’ve been waiting to hear all the stuff you say about coin splits!! Thanks. What you do for the BTC community is priceless.

  6. Very interesting Jimmy! I begun following your twitter and i really looking forward to more great content. Cheers from Switzerland Francesco

  7. Thanks Jimmy – really helpful and informative.

    It would be good to hear your view on longevity of POW; if [*when*] BTC reaches $100k the mining community and energy usage would grow accordingly, and that feels unsustainable/untenable.

    Great when the secondary uses can be made from the heat generated of course.

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