20 Comments on Off Chain Ep. 6 – On-Chain Atomic Swaps with Charlie Lee, Dave Collins and Jake Yocom-Piatt

  1. 1:54 What is a cross-chain atomic swap? – Charlie Lee
    6:02 When did you first collaborate on this project? – Jake
    6:51 What are the benefits/pitfall vs lightning? – Decred
    9:37 What other coins are available for cross-chain atomic swap? – Decred/Charlie
    11:20 What is required in a coin for atomic swaps? – Decred
    13:10 Does Ethereum have the needed features? – Jake
    14:06 Can this be done with Monero? – Decred
    15:00 How would exchanges changes as a result of atomic swaps? – Charlie Lee/Jake
    18:47 How would users do the OTC exchange? – Decred
    22:34 How would you handle the orderbook? – Jake
    24:19 What got you interested in decred? – Charlie Lee
    26:51 Demo of atomic swaps – Everyone
    58:24 Are there any plans of further cooperation between decred & litecoin? – Decred
    59:05 What are future features of litecoin? – Charlie Lee
    1:00:10 What is that painting behind you? – Charlie Lee
    1:01:18 What are the future plans of Decred? – Jake
    1:03:30 Are any Decred features available for privacy? – Decred

  2. Anyone notice Litecoin is one of the major coins to do things first. Aside from Bitcoin I’m really seeing ,ore and more value in Litecoin. Especially because Charlie Lees Litecoin and Bitcoin core co-operate. Actually Litecoin is friendly to ally with many coins. I really see value in Charlie Lee’s co-operative approach rather than a competitive approach.
    We all can win here.

    • The smartest people in Bitcoin are on the Core side of the cryptosphere.  Roger Ver and his minions do nothing but troll Core and talk about how slow and expensive it is.  All this without trying to make it better (I guess his view of making it better is splitting off and doing his own thing).

  3. Awesome show Jimmy, that was really cool to see! Many thanks to all of you guys for sharing this with us! Cant wait to see what the future will bring us, atleast this video will be great history to look back into it in the future!

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