Bitcoin Scaling – Is the B-Gold Fork Relevant?

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20 Comments on Bitcoin Scaling – Is the B-Gold Fork Relevant?

  1. The larger picture is this: the popular movement is towards decentralization and access over ownership and we see BITCOIN EVOLVING with #AirdropForks: Bitcoin can remain unchanged (note: Bitcoin can forget about the contentious process of updates) and act as a store of value and serve as an anchor for all possible versions of Bitcoin: functioning together to build a much larger maximally adaptive economy I call the #BitcoinHydra thesis!

    Altcoins should be replaced in this process, where airdrop forks will allow holders of BTC to have a stake in all possible Innovation moving forward and allow for a new kind of #UltraAntifragility in the Bitcoin economy even as it becomes more responsive to external economic and political pressures.

    The larger Bitcoin network will offer all possible choice and engender the less risk in any market at the same time. Because its very nature will be about maxim adaptability!

    AirdropForks perfectly address even the legal vulnerability by all the top altcoins under government attacks-which Bitcoin is exempt. Bitcoin being the most decentralized and important chain by far, will stand outside the scope of government control and regulation. When the regulation clamp down happens and the SEC shutdowns and/or the crypto-bubble busts, this event will narrow attention on the real value Bitcoin offers while at the same time bitcoin airdrop forks bloom into a much larger #TokenSystem…..

    What Bitcoin can Evolve into a much larger network of all possible iterations of Bitcoin… A BLOCKCHAIN HYDRA. My questions showed up at 0:55:45 and 1:19.00

    What Bitcoin can become is more like a quantum object: realizing all possibilities at the same time. How will governments even begin to fight such a network? When every vulnerability in one branch is already being innovated in another branch….

    One investment into Bitcoin, gives us buy-in with all future possibility….

  2. When Bitcoiner #2 told Bitcoiner #1 he was hanging out with the CIA we never heard from Satoshi Nakamoto again. This thing was antigovernment at inception.

  3. I disagree with Tone on the wisdom of trying to replace lost bitcoins.
    I thought the way all lost bitcoins would eventually be recovered is when quantum computers can break the cryptographic primitives that secure the private keys now.
    So, all that are still hodled will have to be moved to new keys, and all others would be the lost ones.
    Ain’t that possible?

  4. Totally disagree with Tone on the re-issuing of coins. Have posted in another forum about it before, don’t know why he persists with it. Being controversial?

  5. Tone, please be careful with this mindset because it is stupid. Here is the catch: You actually don´t need 21 mio bitcoin to exist, even 10 mio would be enough, even 1 mio bitcoin, even 1 single bitcoin for the world would be enough if you add more decimals to it. Inflating bitcoin is the worst idea. Lost bitcoins are lost.

  6. Love Jimmy’s passionate and indignant response to Tone’s redistribution plan. I’ve heard Jimmy say, and of course I agree, that one of the best things about bitcoin is it’s deflationary nature, specifically including lost coins. Tone’s idea really struck a nerve because this is one of the fundamentals that drew Jimmy, among many others, to the space.

  7. Tone is completely wrong about recirculating lost bitcoin. 1) There is no way to prove what is a lost coin and what isn’t. It doesn’t matter how long a particular coin hasn’t moved for. It could be generational paper wallets which never get spent on-chain and passed down hand-to-hand. 2) It makes no difference how many of the 21 bitcoin are in circulation because even if the value of 1 bitcoin is enormous, we use the extreme divisibility of bitcoin to produce smaller units. Tone has got a unit bias and is forgetting that it will be possible to sub-divide units. 3) There is no way that even future devs could get consensus for that kind of hard fork. Nobody would run a node which allowed inflation changes. What difference does it make what the mining reward is in terms of units of bitcoin? What matters is what the subjective VALUE associated with a bitcoin is, no matter how small the unit needs to be.

    • I was waiting for someone to make these arguments. To seriously propose a thing like that without 100% proof that a bitcoin is lost (which is impossible), shows you don’t understand bitcoin.

  8. amazing shootup in price to around 6054 up hundreds in like 2 hours..really wish consolidated much longer to create good support

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