Bitcoin News #58 – An interview With Andrew DeSantis

Bitcoin news for the week of Nov 13th with your host @theonevortex and our special guest Andrew DeSantis! (@desantis)

-Segwit2x fork
-Square's Cash App
-Tether situation
-First Lightning Atomic Swap
-New Confidential Transaction paper
-Simplicity Programming Language


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  1. 0:58 What have you been up to in the Bitcoin world?
    3:36 Thoughts on Segwit2x cancellation
    8:16 What do you think of new people coming in thinking Bitcoin Cash is the underdog?
    12:55 How is DeOS doing?
    19:20 Thoughts on moon bouncing/rabbit hole
    30:47 Thoughts on Square Cash app
    39:33 Thoughts on Trezor security
    41:11 Thoughts on governments attacking Bitcoin
    44:44 Thoughts on Tether printing
    46:15 Thoughts on the first lightning atomic swap
    51:45 Bitcoin growing as a system/altcoins
    55:49 Thoughts on Confidential Transactions
    1:03:51 Thoughts on Simplicity programming language
    1:11:40 What do you find most exciting about Bitcoin right now?
    1:15:32 Contact info

  2. Mr. Vortex talks much too much, brings not out the informations as interviewer, needs some journalism technique. Tech people like this andrew need translation, saying “awesome“ does not make sense to this difficult stuff.

    • Interviewing is a lost art. I can count on one hand the great interviewers in my lifetime. That being said, vortex is ok in my book

    • Everyone’s a critic. Trying my best. When I started this show a couple years ago there were no shows about crypto as we were still at the tail end of a 2 year bear market.

    • Russell – I think you are not alone. Way above the head of 95% (my guess only). Andrew is ahead of most and is called idiot by those not grasping even a bit of it (like TheBig Nig).

    • I am not so sure that what he was saying make actual sense …I once spent some times with a schizophrenic person, and I had the same feeling of being unable to understand the conversation …. It has something fascinating, but I do not think this person is not 100% with us ….

    • I don’t think he understands trees either.
      If anything Bcash is a graft on a branch of the bitcoin tree that will produce its own individual fruit.
      And his ‘superposition’ analogy is nonsense. Bcash and bitcoin are not potential states that coalesce into one after observation. If anything they are two distinct particles (forks) existing simultaneously, bitcoin being the progenitor of bcash. They can both evolve and multiply independently. Hence there could/will be 21million bitcoins and 21million bcash coins. Meaning that blockchains are more analogous to bacteria than potential quantum states.

    • The superposition can mean a few things but I think mainly it refers to fact that if you hold unsplit Bitcoin, and don’t sell forks, so an address pre fork now exists on both simultaneously. Also, that same address contains all future forks. If you never sell you possess all.

      Additionally, if Bcash or any other future fork of Bitcoin threatens to take over and kill current branch, then that is the observation and collapse of superposition.

      The “value” of Bitcoin is all branches added together. You may view it as additional coins, but one could also view the total value as the true value of BTC. If you hodl early enough, nothing has been added to coin supply, the value has simply split, but you possess the keys to an address that controls all the value, therefore no supply increase.

    • Quick point ‘superposition’ describes a theoretical probability of where one is likely to find a particle. This is not analogous to two distinct coins that actually exist after a fork.
      I disagree that “the value of bitcoin” is the sum of all forks. There is only one bitcoin, the other tokens are whatever they are but they are NOT bitcoin.
      Also, while the coins attributed to each individual branch of a fork may not increase in number, ignoring the fact that two distinct chains with their own unique coins emerge is wrong. It is true to say that on 1st August 2017 approx 16 million bcash was added to the cryptosphere. If this is not an ‘increase’ then what is it?
      Lastly, they (both coins) exist regardless of whether the hodler splits them or not, and are thus accounted for on their respective, separate blockchains. There is nothing theoretical about them, they both exist, contradicting his superposition analogy.

  3. “I believe every fork that can happen will happen” Really?
    What does that even mean? A statement of the glaringly obvious as if it were some sort of insight!?!
    Now this guy is pissing me off.
    Too much woo woo. Guy needs to check his LSD micro doses.

  4. bitcoin gold is totally scam coin do not claim your btg as yet because even the wallet they recommended is stealing private key

  5. What DeSantis has to say here is religious in nature. I love Bitcoin but simply don’t need it for spiritual use case thanks.

  6. I very rarely dislike videos but the guest on yesterdays show was Extremely boring to listen too, and basically never answered your questions. Please don’t bring him back. I’m all for philosophy and discussions on quantum entanglement but let’s answer the questions.

    • No disrespect to Andrew I’m sure he’s an intelligent guy I just found the interview quite boring.

  7. Hi , gr8 guest always a mind opener interview when Andrew desantis is involved ..a point coif high claims that e m p aren’t able to take out our systems for his given reasons ! Hey get clif on man ! Thnks again lovein it .

  8. Aaaand Andrew with the u think it , so the info is in the ether statement is clif highs web bot theory ain’t it ?!? ; )

  9. this “hodl all chains” theme is going to blow our minds in about 10 yrs.  i can’t grasp it yet but i think our boy AD is on to something.

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