Bitcoin News #49 – China Ban, Mining in Tokyo, Questions for Unocoin

Bitcoin news for the week of Sep 4th with @theonevortex @SDWouters and Special Guest @SunnyStartups from @Unocoin!

-WCN went over 30k subscribers!
-Don't forget to checkout our interview with Chinese Miners from Last Week!
-Breaking Bitcoin Live Stream!

-China Ban
-Mining in Tokyo
-Questions for Sunny from Unocoin


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  1. 1:28 Introductions
    2:28 Breaking news – Bitfury will not support segwit2x
    9:36 Forks only for bugfixes? What about features? – Sunny
    11:54 Forks only for bugfixes? What about features? – Sam
    14:44 China banning ICOs.. and Bitcoin? – Sunny
    20:42 China banning ICOs.. and Bitcoin? – Sam
    26:05 KYC on exchanges/decentralized exchanges – Sunny
    29:48 KYC on exchanges/decentralized exchanges – Sam
    35:50 Tokyo mining manufacturer/mining race – Sunny
    38:33 Tokyo mining manufacturer/mining race – Sam
    41:30 What is the regulation like in India? – Sunny
    49:37 What do you think is the most challenging part of running an exchange? – Sunny
    53:48 How do you see Bitcoin adoption in India – Sunny
    57:00 Will you be adding any other coins? – Sunny

  2. it was 300mil was a mistake is 3mil

    from Quartz “Correction: An earlier version of this article, including the headline, misstated the amount that GMO announced it would spend to start mining bitcoin. It is more than $3 million, and not more than $300 million as originally stated.”

  3. BitFury 12 Peta HashDrop-in-Datacenter Solution SPecial
    Container $4,256,773.37
    Containers 70
    PetaHash 840
    Total Cost $297,974,135.90

    Latest BitFury 16nm chips for total hashpower of 12PH/s, 1.5MW (rev1) or 16PH/s, 2MW (rev2)

  4. Guys, no one who is sane would advocate for “unregulated” markets understood as lack of oversight of very suspicious financial operations. Do you think that libertarians do? No, they don’t. What they advocate for is lack of centralized oversight in exchange for decenteralized oversight (such as by private rating agencies). Tone Vays seems to be not familiar/understanding this concepts so he unfairly strikes libertarians and libertarianism.

  5. Is Sunny supporting 2X just because Barry is, without looking at the tech? Disappointing. But Sunny is a great guy and I wish Unocoin every success.

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