When Will We Have Our Bitcoin Assassination Markets with Jim Bell

Anarchast Ep.390

Jeff interviews returning guest, Jim Bell, author of 'Assassination Politics'. Topics include: The Jim Bell Project, a tool to take down governments, the assassination marketplace, Bitcoin market effects, anonymity and the internet, a controversial idea, eliminating nuclear weapons, a powerful force for peace, no better solution, a dangerous thing to do, Tor and the darknet, Ethereum and Augur, decentralization, death by donation, Jim to speak at Anarchapulco 2018!

Essay 'Assassination Politics':

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29 Comments on When Will We Have Our Bitcoin Assassination Markets with Jim Bell

  1. anyone reading this capable of creating a “self governing” crypto currency…….I have an idea that could make all other cryptos irrelevant …..

  2. USA just nuked Raqqa out of existence, a city of 200,000 people. Some ISIS yes, but most innocent families. But Americans keep tooting the horn of liberators from the tyrannical regime, chemical weapons, on and on, yawn. USA is the cancer destroying the body of earth.

    • Sunan that blind order followers those statists need to go away in all invisible lines of sand not just USA 🙂

    • I love American people, and a lot of love for artists from America, but the military industrial complex has hijacked the government and is like a cancer eating up society after society. I’m not blaming American people, they are victims too. Just asking how we can stop this behemoth? Check out before and after of Raqqa and then just imagine a comparable population like Cincinnati. How many Americans here think it’s moral to bomb a city out of existence?

  3. So this guy claims a news article manipulated Bitcoin from $200 to $1100 in 2013. C’mon, it’s clear the willy bot and other fractional reserve fuckery by MTGOX was the cause.

  4. Discussed it with St. Petersburg academia. Inputs are: time interval & money. Formula for money won is easy. How to implement it as a website & host it is indeed a question. Non-secret is a go. The other tough question is, how to prove death? We must agree upon what 1) proves it, 2) states the time of death, and 3) is the time to give money to winners?

  5. Assad is not using chemical weapons. That is speculation that has miraculously turned to fact somehow.

  6. The scary part of this is people buying the lies of major media, ie: Syria killing its own people, and believing Timothy McVey was the sole person acting on his own accord, etc. and acting on ignorance. I understand that the CIA and other alphabet agencies, and politicians’ hired killers kill people off as normal business procedure and maybe the people need to have the same power. But, personally, I can never advocate killing except in self defense. You may say this is self defense and it could be, however it would truly be planned, premeditated murder. Where this could branch off into is also a very scary prospect. I don’t think “becoming” them is the way to overcome them.

    • FreakyScaryChannel because jeff is part of the controlled opposition, laying out the fantasy of a world without government control through digital currency

  7. People protecting the targets will also see the dates with the big $$ and be forewarned. Entrap Yourself!

  8. This is such a jokeJeff u know he’s not effecting bitcoin price esp at that level he claims, call him out for his BS

  9. But but but Jeff …….without government who would look after us and keep us safe and secure from our own actions ? Hahahaha. We can only wish .

  10. Why are all these comments so short sighted? So he exaggerated on his own influence on btc price, and gets some facts wrong about which extortion funded criminals are worse than others. The overall vision is beautiful.

  11. We need to engage in a global revolution to end the state by starving it to death. Free society will rise in its place. The longer people put it off by talking, the further we get away

  12. Getting rid of Nukes sounds great, but how do you stop super-rich sociopaths from using their wealth to threaten people with the ability to easily (and single-handedly) fund their “assassination” on the AP list??

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