Voluntaryists Taking Down Fake News With Blockchain Technology

Anarchast Ep.391

Jeff interviews David Mondrus of Trive. Topics include: the new crypto-startup Trive to kill fake news, a Nash equilibrium engine, incentivized quality and cooperation, propaganda and collusion in the mainstream media, corporate centralization, Trive ICO beginning soon, paid for media and curation, paid to identify fake news, an open self sustaining platform, Ben Swann, the ephemeral nature of centralized media vs blockchained permanence, hash and stash, Anarchapulco 2018

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10 Comments on Voluntaryists Taking Down Fake News With Blockchain Technology

  1. It will be interesting to see if the problem of “selection-bias” will be handled well. There is, of course, more news on the face of the earth than can possibly be published every day. How will the selection be hired. The problem is not just what is false but also what is worth our attention. Will a Trump fart still outrank a famine that kills thousands?

  2. Well it certainly looks like the team working on this project have put alot of thought into it to avoid any misuse. David seems to have a natural affinity for truth and news coverage. It’ll be interesting to see the engine in action.

  3. I’d like to hear more newsworthy causes that are doing things different usine the technology of Blockchain, and of course Bitcoin…maybe even do a show?

  4. Hey Jeff, could you please do an episode on anarchist marriage? He mentioned how his wife and him got married on the blockchain, I would love to know more, and am sure many other Voluntaryists would also be interested.
    Love your work mate.

  5. Interestingly enough, the U.S. government has funded Communism from the Bolshevik Revolution through to about 2008…

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