Lauren Southern on Anarchy, Racism, the N.A.P. and Book Club Anarchists

Anarchast Ep.386

Jeff interviews returning guest Lauren Southern, topics include: whats wrong with the haters?, strawman caricatures vs real character, gross misrepresentation, the 'alt-right', defining terms, Trumps anti-war stance reversal, we risk losing western society because of mass immigration, the un-discussed effects of mass migration, totalitarian big state immigration, pragmatism vs liberty, marxist takeover of mainstream Libertarianism, charges of racism Nazism etc have no substantiation, show us the proof! cultural homogeneity vs diversity, Lauren to debate Larken Rose about borders at Anarchapulco 2018!

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46 Comments on Lauren Southern on Anarchy, Racism, the N.A.P. and Book Club Anarchists

    • Stupid is stupid does man. I’m Irish/Norwegian/Scottish/German moron. Never quoted any Koranic rubbish nor do I care about the Sadducee’s and Pharisee’s book that attempts to lie about the bible so whats you point? Gen 12:3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed. perhaps you should read a bible before commenting? And make sure your brain is engaged before putting your mouth in gear and transferring that to your fingers.

    • So you pray on your whole Armour to sit on your hands do you? Your battle is against powers and principalities in the spirit but you fight that battle by putting on your amour and sitting down to do nothing? Getting into battle has nothing to do with purifying the world Patrick. Ephesians 6:10-18 – Finally, my brethren be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil(does not say sit and watch him fight the battle). For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.
      When Israel went in to take the Holy land did they do it by sitting on their collective bums and watch Jesus and the angels tear through the land? Or did they do battle and claim the land God had given to them? Do you not know that the whole world was given to us not Satan? We gave it to him through deception and theft, he does not own a single grain of sand on this planet, if you steal something you are not the owner, just the thief. Our job as Christian’s is to battle in the spirit for the people of the planet and to claim this planet back for those who will inherit it. Do you not understand the daily battle that rages across this world because most Christians have done nothing but sit back and wait for the Lord to do it all for them? Do you not know that satanist groups and churches spend everyday in spiritual battle against us? why do you think you need Armour? why do you think America has sunk so far into the sewer and taken us with it? Why do you think war, famine, disease, poverty rage across the globe? Because Christians sit and watch waiting to be beamed up before the “fit hits the shan”. We are the light of this world do you think the dark can stand against it? Do you not see the Elites plans crumbling because those of us who are awake finally realized we need to be fighting and getting that light out in to the battle ground instead of closeting it in or homes and churches beckoning the world to come into our church to see our wondrous light while the world looks at us and wonders why we cant see the giant planks in our eye as we tell them the need to be like us?

    • +MichelleObama isAman I aint saying Lauren southern or Brittany pettibone aint attractive, its just that I lose interest once I found out their height. FACT

      and I’ve had hotter women LITERALLY throw themselves at me LOL but if you want to go the “they hot and I wanna defend them” route okay ๐Ÿ™‚

      I hope they see your comment and maybe THINK about touching you ๐Ÿ™‚

    • What’s wrong with her height? She’s about 5-6′ I think. I met her and she’s not that tall. Are you short?

    • +The Hidden Hand actually nothing is wrong with her height or looks, she great the way she is. It’s not a problem more of a preferences I have., me being 6’2ft. FACT

  1. “I’m still supporting him (Trump) because of how much he still pisses off the mainstream media…”
    That just shows how naive Lauren Southern is.

    Go back to watch Trump’s RNC speech before the election. Listen and analyze every word he said, and you should see that he is just another Zionist Illuminati puppet! There are a lot of outrageous lies and propaganda in his RNC speech if you listen carefully.

    Why are you surprised that Trump is continuing the wars in the Middle East? In his RNC speech, he told you that he’ll increase military spending because “our military is depleted.” If the largest and the most well-equipped military in the world is “depleted,” what would he consider as “non-depleted”?

    Trump also openly supports Israel numerous times and even said that “Israel is our greatest ally in the region (Middle East).” Lauren Southern, why don’t you visit Gaza and see exact what the Israeli government/military is doing, then ask yourself what kind of person would befriend such an evil government!

    Just because someone makes a few good comments doesn’t mean he’s a genuinely righteous man. You need to focus on the most important issues and see how he addresses them.

    A good President/leader would stop the following:
    * Private central banking – the Federal Reserve.
    * Unjustified wars, the invasion and occupation of other countries.
    * The false flag attacks done by the US government, such as the 911 tragedy.
    * Spraying of heavy metals and toxins in the air, aka chemtrails.
    * Adding toxins (fluoride) into the public water system.
    * Use of HAARP, excessive cell towers, 5G transmission, smart meters, and other high EMF devices.
    * Legalized robbery by the government known as “civil asset forfeiture.”
    * Law enforcement violating Americans’ Constitutional rights without accountability.
    * Government spying on all communications of the Americans, and even tries to execute whistle blower such as Edward Snowden.
    * Electronic voting, which can be easily manipulated.
    * Preventing any 3rd party candidates from joining the Presidential debate.
    * Censorship of independent, non-mainstream media.
    * Banning herbal/natural cures and plants, criminalizing marijuana possession, protecting pharmaceutical giants.
    * Allowing oil companies and various heavy industries to pollute the environment.
    * Poisonous and/or forced vaccines.
    * Stealing Americans’ properties using “Eminent Domain.”
    * Unconstitutional checkpoints inside the United States. (If they really want to catch undocumented immigrants, why aren’t they guarding the borders?)

    • Shin Ken THANK YOU, THAT’S EXACTLY RIGHT. She’s means well but is very naive, she thinks defending her culture means defending the US government which are two different things.

  2. Just end the Welfare. Just that.
    Invaders wouldn’t have motives to come in. Just watch what happens in countries without those incentives (ask yourselves why Latin America or Japan don’t have these problems).
    Young people also wouldn’t have their future robbed as well. It’s a win-win situation, why can’t anyone see thsi?!

    • MFINN23 The immigrants will be the last nail in the coffin for this bloated, 20 trillion dollar-in-debt abomination called government. Burn I say.

    • Nomad Wizard If what you say is right, why latins are invading US? Why africans also doing so in Europe? None of them had their land bombed by Us. It’s very easy to acuse Rothchilds, but poor countries loval govrrnments have a part on this. End welfare and many problems go away!

    • i live off welfare, but i qualify for it by governments own rules and my main reason is that i refuse to work 40% of my time for the state and on top of that on everything that i buy with the remainder 21% goes to the state, not to mention all the other taxes (income tax of employees etc.) and everything sellers calculate into their prices. and on top of that we have inflation tax, as well as just owning capital is being punished.
      As long as the state is here i prefer to leech of it in stead of to feed it.. though you might say i’m adding to demand for government in a way, but while propagating against it.
      it needs to go all together.

  3. The pragmatic argument falls flat because it assumes using State power to diminish State power has ever worked anytime in history.

    • Presidents don’t have any power. They’re an illusion to distract you from seeing the real cause. Which is the plutocratic co-opting of the legislative branch.

    • Exactly, presidents don’t have any power. The only power the State has is what the people give them and what they confiscate from.

    • Yep. The people are in fact the original sin. Which is why I have no problem with a state in harmony with Natural Law. Unrestrained free will always leads to enslavement.

    • One of my favorite quotes was by William Pitt. “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves”.

  4. Great job, this interview was one of the best. Purity spiraling in the ancap/libertarian movement is nothing but destructive.

  5. I’m actually with Lauren on this one. She was not using any violent force against anyone, and when your government is literally bringing in people who would NEVER approve of Anarchy, to the point where in 50 years they will be the majority, it’s okay to try and curtail their movement into your area (whether it’s your country or personal property). So as long as she’s not blowing up refugee boats I’m a-ok with protecting personal freedom of the people that already live there. Especially because it’s not like these people are moving in because they got hired by a company, they’re moving in because the government is literally paying them to show up and live there. I’d be okay with the former, but not the latter. Can we all at least agree open borders would be fine, if there was zero welfare state, and people actually had to pay their own way and support themselves if they wanted to move anywhere?

    • 50% is such an arbitrary number. To boot, polls show that only 58% of eligible Americans voted last year. Not only does that mean the bar is relatively low, but it means that many people simply don’t care about politics. Those are the undecided people, the kind of people that are easiest to reach. Perhaps their indifference can be attributed to futility. If that’s the case, they could be even more susceptible to the anarchist cause. Some say that infiltrating the media could be the best way to reach them, and I am up to that challenge. I’d rather not settle for the status quo indefinitely. I’d rather explore all of the options before I call it quits. If you’re just fine settling for a slower decay, that’s perfectly understandable. I just see too many unknown variables that could easily turn in our favor to give it up just yet.

    • *+Salvage*
      Are you suggesting that more anarchists should vote?
      50% of the current population is on the dole. The state is pulling in even more sheeple through immigration. Half of the remaining will always be afeared of no laws.

      Infiltrating the globalist prostitute media? Wake me up when that happens.

      Trump was an option to weaken the statists. Just look at who he pisses off. Sadly. they’ve since shown him the real Kennedy tapes.

    • “Because it is one thing to have free immigration to jobs. It is another thing to have free immigration to welfare. And you cannot have both. If you have a welfare state, if you have a state in which every resident is promises a certain minimal level of income, or a minimum level of subsistence, regardless of whether he works or not, produces it or not. Then it really is an impossible thing.”
      ~Milton Friedman

      Until we get rid of the welfare state and pretty much the majority of the state we have today free immigration will just make our cause more impossible and everybody less free.

    • I disagree. Just because someone is an immigrant it doesn’t mean they are on welfare. many come to work and are productive citizens. The government csnnot just decide for you who you can do business with and who you csnnot do business with.

  6. Thoroughly enjoyed the conversation. Two very smart people finding common ground and laughing off the differences. We need more of this in this world.

  7. Yes Lauren…western culture is the best…if you consider the perfection of feudalism as a positive.

  8. I’m a bit on the fence on whether she’s breaking the N.A.P., most of the immigrants heading to Europe from the Middle East/Africa seem to be aggressors. They aren’t coming to Europe for the weather, & most of them do not find jobs if they even look as they don’t have skills applicable in those countries; they are coming there to receiving stolen goods and then over the long term conquer the infidels by out breeding them. It’s quite a racket. Have Europeans work extra hard paying huge amounts of taxes (which also lowers on average middle class birth rates because of the added stress of being robbed so much) while other cultures who are R-selected get paid to sit at home & have children.

  9. She is using you force of the state to control employers, private individuals who choose to hire or do business with and meddle in personal relationships with people who “she” has no interest in associating with and or compete for resources with. She really doesn’t belong in an anarchist convention.

  10. Great conversation. I am glad that Jeff didn’t threat her with gloves and asked fairly umcomfable questions. She had good arguments for her point of view with which we could have disagreements with… overall excellent interview

  11. Anarchists belief on voting is dumb as hell if they could vote their way to freedom and an anarchist society they wouldn’t do it they are that dumb. It’s the libertarians that are getting us our freedoms while the anarchist do nothing but benefit from it.

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