Breathing Your Way To Anarchy with Petri Berndtson

Anarchast Ep.392

Jeff interviews Petri Berndtson, topics include: we are all respiratory anarchists, breathing is one of the few free activities left, the basis of all freedom, breath is life, breathing workshops, philosophical breath-work, breath and consciousness, the air connects all people and all life, we are all breathing together, chaos and breath, beginning with yawning, mindfulness and fun, The Anarchapulco 2018 Health and Wellness Retreat

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29 Comments on Breathing Your Way To Anarchy with Petri Berndtson

  1. This guy is a bullshiter, but breathing and meditation are extremely valuable.

    Check out “Patrick McKeown” on youtube

  2. 11 minutes in and I’m missing the point. We are all born and start breathing, so we’re respiratory anarchists? Ummm….ok sure.

  3. Watch the whole video, it becomes much more clear.
    I️ think he’s one of the most interesting guests you’ve had on Jeff!

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