Becoming a Citizen of The Free Republic of Liberland with President Vit Jedlicka

Anarchast Ep.385

Jeff interviews returning guest, founder and 'president' of Liberland, Vit Jedlicka. Topics include: great leaps forward in the Liberland project, Liberland recognized by it's first government, a hundred million dollar company registers with Liberland, people on the ground in Liberland, 7 boats under the Liberland flag, Liberland e-residency and ICO, voluntary taxation, a half million residency applications, excellent diplomatic relations with Somaliland, Liberland passport now recognized in several countries, an embassy in Serbia, Liberland company formation, Vit Jedlicka to be at Anarchapulco 2018!

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32 Comments on Becoming a Citizen of The Free Republic of Liberland with President Vit Jedlicka

  1. Haven’t watched the video yet but I just had a funny thought that someday we may see a virtual nation appear online. People could become citizens and the nation would be everywhere and nowhere, just like bitcoin. Issue passports and the whole deal.

    • *+ RobotCapitalist*
      *>I like the MGTOW anarchist cross over. It seems a strong minority of MGTOW men are ancap :D*
      Absolutely. MGTOW are a reaction to the massive amount of government force that can be applied against men whenever the woman decides to sick the cops or the family court (or both) on us. That’s what attracted me to bitcoins in the first place. It’s a form of money that can’t be seized by the family court or any other government institution. They can pressure you to hand them over but they can’t just contact a bank and order them to hand over your money. The abuses of the family court have shown a lot of MGTOW that the government is almost never your friend (if you’re a man) and they can be a terrible relentless enemy. When that force is applied against a man, often the only escape he can think of is suicide. So yeah, we’re mostly not as hardcore as Jeff is but we’re certainly leaning in that direction.


      §XIV.1. All Persons shall have the right of self-defence and/or defence of their property and constitutional Rights, and others who are under a direct and real threat, against initiators of aggression, including any Agent of the Public Administration acting unlawfully or in error; no Person shall be convicted of any criminal offence for any act or omission which took place on his or her property and which is a direct response to another Person trespassing on that property and acting in breach of the law or the Constitution resulting in such threat as described in this provision.
      §XIV.2. All Individuals shall have the right to own, manufacture, sell, transfer, transport, bear and use any small arms, as defined internationally, arms accessories or ammunition, be they historic, contemporary and/or experimental, regardless of condition; no form of licensing and/or registration shall be used to infringe upon these rights; the Person in charge of the premises shall determine whether arms may be carried on such premises except for Agents of Law Enforcement where acting pursuant to, and within the limits of, a Warrant.
      §XIV.3. Law Enforcement shall not be in disposition of any weaponry other than small arms equal to ones permitted to be in disposition of Individuals; should the voluntary Territorial Defence force be constituted, it shall not be in disposition of any weaponry other than small arms and light weapons, as defined internationally.

  2. You need permission to become a citizen of Liberland? Gee, that doesn’t sound very anarchist….that means someone is the ruler. As soon as the place becomes valuable enough to be worth taking over, Serbia or Croatia will annex it.

    • tod mills yeah it’s kinda minarchist. Essentially it is a voluntary state right now but they do want anarchy

    • It’s important to have a body of people to represent Liberland because its existence is dependent on how it interacts with the other states around it. Plus its not really a government but a board of shareholders.

  3. What if somebody else just declared themselves the legitimate government of liberland and started issuing passports lol

  4. The people behind FreeSociety plan to purchase land + sovereignty – is that an option to break the deadlock (ie: Croatian opposition / aggression) to establish Liberland?

  5. This talk is all hot air. This is inside Croatian borders. Imagine if people with in Canada, America or Australia said we are going to just make a suburb a new country within an existing internationally recognised one….just people talking hot air about someone else’s land….starting to sound like typical American invasions using another name to do it

  6. Counties become evil to live. Liberland starting connections with terrorist organizations. Liberland is a country, Finally It will be evil.

  7. Historically all Countries with red & blue flag are under rotchild banking…planning to change colors?

  8. Remember y’all, its a first step during our transition from one system to another. This opportunity is unique and completely in uncharted territory…well played and the universe just got more awesome! Gratitude, peace, love and anarchy!

  9. The more I hear about this project, the more I like it. They need more territory though, and they know it. Therefore, I’m happy to hear about the expansion plans. The Central American location is of high interest to me especially. I do not want to be in Europe, but Central America would be wonderful.

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