Adam Kokesh Announces Candidacy For Not President And Is Immediately Kidnapped By The State

Anarchast Ep.405

Jeff interviews returning guest, Adam Kokesh. Topics include: the discipline of non-violent communication, the circumstances surrounding Adam's recent arrest, police routinely deleting footage of arrests, live streaming the arrest, the ludicrous war on drugs, the absurd bond system, the Libertarian party, Gary Johnson, running for not president, the ethics of voting, taking leadership roles, the state of the state, cointelpro, fight or flight? overthrowing the biggest empire in the world, localization, sovereignty, feminine energy in the freedom movement, Adam's workshops at Anarchapuulco 2018

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44 Comments on Adam Kokesh Announces Candidacy For Not President And Is Immediately Kidnapped By The State

    • It really was just sillyness cuz he trolling me as I’m trolling him but my thing is there is a time and place for everything and trolling here when there can be great conversation and connection is yes detriment to not humanity but the movement so I will annoy those who can’t be real if you can’t be real then you can’t be trusted if you can’t be trusted then you can be taken seriously and if you can’t be taken seriously then I can’t in my own rights give you anything serious back so trolling ensues which is sad cuz he seems to watch this channel so why troll it seems very backwards imo if you want the brain washed to be un brain washed then good conversations Is what you give not bash ever comment and my starting comments if they are in argument always leave a opening for debate instead I get hate or trolling so that’s what they get back it’s simple I don’t bully you can’t bully the bully that’s just standing up

    • KeepItKrypto 420 Very true, of course if he is an avid subscriber to this channel then one might believe that he may not be as brainwashed as one might think. The wise seek answers to that which is suspected, for a belief alone is a question unanswered.

    • Quang Le. Anarchism was not created by the Jewish people it is a universal human philosophy founded on natural human freedom and built upon the ethical and moral standards of living that every person on this planet is naturally born with. I know for a fact that whatever your agenda is — it’s nothing that promotes freedom and peace. You are evil, discusting, putrid and vile ; a sociopathic vermin-filth that needs to crawl back under its rock before the natural laws of Earth find you, rends you limb from limb, and scatters you into the cosmos.

    • Well, I’ve just finished reading your extended reply to one of the comments, and I must say, I think you’ve hit on something…….I know that it’s hard for people to take a lot of what you said because they don’t want to feel like they’ve been duped again, but , when you said that anarchy is the Zionist oldest trick in the book, that’s when I had to stop for a minute and clear my head, I’m not saying I agree with everything you said, but yes, you’ve made a very good point, I’d tone the name calling down a little, it lends more credibility. Cheers.

  1. Jeff you got 1500-2000 people that can pay to make it down to Mexico you have tens of thousands of us out here that Support this movement that can’t make it this movement is growing strong one love!!!

    • What if I told you that Jews were really black idk I’m just saying it’s possible what then are Jews still bad not all Jewish people are bad like not all blacks are thugs like not all white are racist like not all Arabs are terrorist these conceptions come from the government stereotyping comes from the government it is a form of being brainwashed if you don’t believe me you should go look up right now on YouTube The Doll Experiment white kids and black kids and I believe Spanish kids there is a white and black doll and they asked these kids simple questions like which one is the good doll which one is the bad doll which doll looks prettier it’s a very sickening video. But it is brainwashing at its finest this is what we must fight

    • Voting to rob and control your neighbors is not a peaceful way to exist. If 99 of your 100 neighbors votes to steal your car it is still theft. The solution is not voting for a better government gang member to steal money (taxes) or threaten people with violence (laws) in a better way. There are only 2 ways that people can interact. 1) is using force to steal value and boss people around 2) is to voluntarily trade value with people if they agree to the terms. You can still form groups, just as long as the groups are voluntary and the group doesn’t force everyone to pay for their group. A decentralized blockchain that is used as currency will defund all the existing government theft systems without needing to vote for anything. BTW, Adam, you should put hidden cameras on all sides of No Force One and have them recording 24/7, that way you won’t have to pull your phone out to record, and they won’t know that you are recording

    • Sane Progressive Berwick and Kokesh are missing the point because they profit from the division between state and people. Robert Landen(The Moral Approach) has successfully gotten cops and judges to leave him alone, by guess what!? Acknowledging and Respecting them as Real People and then Pointing Out They Are Attempting/Threatening to Harm Him! Most cops dont even realize what they do is harm, believe it or not. When you take a non confrontational approach ACTUAL solutions can be formed.

    • Oh Definitely! He was facing 45 years and got it dismissed without ever entering a plea! A long that he has learned Much Wisdom, in how to Actually Come to Peaceful Resolutions! Ever time i get a traffic ticket i call him up and learn gems every time Lol! i am now starting to really grasp his method and havn’t paid a ticket in years XD!!!

  2. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I am so excited for the future, everything is aligning perfectly, it really is beautiful, I love how freedom is blossoming, thank you both so much, lets all continue to take this forward!

    • I have been excited for Kokesh’s not president run for a couple years at least, loved his book when he released it, I believe in freedom

    • Mee too….I’m actually going to try to become a delegate for him. I think that is the most important thing to help.

    • just think if the libertarians team up with the greens in 2020 there is nothing that can stop them they will be a real force to be reckoned with!

    • Oh yea we are DEFINITELY moving things forward in the 2020s no doubt about it, very quickly, please give it your all everyone this is when we change everything!

  3. I will be sure to “not vote” for Adam Kokesh. His either evil or very stupid idea of an armed march on Washington D.C, would have made felons of many Americans.

    • AIPAC wants nothing more then an all powerful federal government to rule over us all, it’s time to show thos zionist scum bags that we can take apart our government just as easily as we formed it!

  4. WOW a coalition between libertarians and the greens!?!?!? this might actually create a force that not even the 2 party dictatorship can stop.

    just remember when it’s all over with don’t sacrifice libertarian ideals to thos hippies lol.

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