De-centralisation & New Forms of Value Exchange in a Multi-National Corporation – RWE

De-centralisation and Brand-new Forms of Value Exchange Inside a Multi-National Corporation – Carsten Stöcker, RWE

Dr. Carsten Stöcker is working in the "RWE Innovation Hub" on blockchain innovation use cases for physical shipment. Prior to signing up with RWE he worked for the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and Accenture GmbH. Carsten's talk will be concentrated on how RWE is aiming to make the most of the recent advancements in blockchain innovation. He will provide a few use cases of clever contracts and speak about Chained Shipment Networks: Blockchain/IPFS + IoT + Physical Shipment. He will also resolve how the Ethereum blockchain can assist with sharing, de-centralisation, access to assets and create new kinds of value exchange inside a multi-national corporation.

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  1. Great work! 🙂 But! I would do a better speaking. IF i have 10 hours of
    training on what to say i would do IT better.. Now Imagine what i would do
    with 10 days of ethereum traning?!? However.. Im not new too the technolgy,
    i have been working with IT and study IT for 3 month now. But i KNOW that
    this can be told and shown in a better way! And cheaper.

    And this can ONLY be done with eagel eyes! And not by some dude with a rich

    We need young blood that knows how to gain power n show the potential of
    this technolgy. Cuz this tec is the best and will save the world n its
    peoplation BUT first some has too …….. Moon/Agartha. Blue or red…

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  3. Thanks for the Coverage :).
    On my end, i receive Echo effects in the audio track (quite annoying btw).
    Am I the only one?

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