#210 Alex Morcos: Chaincode Labs and Why Bitcoin is Our One Shot at Creating Digital Gold

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Chaincode Labs Founder Alex Morcos joined us to discuss his journey, the role of the company in Bitcoin's development and the views that drive his work.

Topics discussed in this episode:
– Alex's background in high frequency trading as a founder of Hudson River Trading
– How Alex first learned about Bitcoin
– The vision of Chaincode Labs
– Why Bitcoin represents our only chance of creating digital gold
– Why Bitcoin's resistance to change is one of its core features
– Why the NYA & SegWit2x approach was misguided
– How getting consensus around a hard fork blocksize increase could work
– Why Alex is not excited about the efforts to use blockchains in banks

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9 Comments on #210 Alex Morcos: Chaincode Labs and Why Bitcoin is Our One Shot at Creating Digital Gold

  1. Not sure what part of the block size debate the interviewer doesn’t understand. (29mins) Why he doesn’t get that consensus is much more important than a larger block size increase is beyond me. Thanks Alex for explaining this to him. His logic is totally flawed. For the millionith time, most members of the community aren’t against larger blocks!!! What we are against is it being done against the will of the community. Why is this not clear?

    • That of course raises the next question, what do you consider to be the ‘community’? Is it just a bunch of loudmouth segwit justice warriors objecting and that’s enough to veto a network upgrade? Brian asked a very good question and that’s relating to governance. Bitcoin’s current form of ‘governance’ or lack thereof simply does not work. We’ve seen that over the course of 3+ years on how to increase blocks as well as activating segwit both of which were deadlocked because there’s no convergence in opinion.

      The only reason any progress was made was because of NYA.

    • Good question. Whether “community” is easily definable is not the main point. What constitutes “Governance” is subjective. What one perceives as “lack of Governance” others perceive as “healthy decentralized resistance necessary to repel the efforts of a small group of wealthy corporate power brokers” orchestrating a would-be takeover and masquerading as do-gooders. I, for one, am happy to have prevented supposed “necessary” network upgrade, Simply stated 2X, were it successful, would have been a contentious hardfork at the expense of diluting BTC’s #1 network effect, store of value. Segwit in its current implementation is not, but is rather an opt-in protocol. Current adoption at just 10-15%. If future “necessary” hard fork upgrades are truly that, i have faith the collective wisdom of the community will show its way through all the noise and will not be falsely portrayed by a group of network spammers looking to create the illusion of block congestion.

  2. I’m sorry but Alex Morcos is straight up gaslighting the community hard. Nobody forced anything ever, unless you consider providing code as forcing. The implications of what he’s saying are “I’m for increasing blocksize, but only if either you trick me into thinking it’s my idea, or we can wait until people who I want to silence stop advocating for it”. This is a juvenille drama position that’s superficially framed with language that gives the illusion of being reasonable.

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