50 Crypto Trading & Investing Lessons From The Past 5 Years

In this episode, we're looking at the top 50 crypto trading and investing lessons I've learned over the past 5 years.

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40 Comments on 50 Crypto Trading & Investing Lessons From The Past 5 Years

    • He said “anything that requires you to recruit somebody to get paid” Bitconnect does not require you to recruit a single person. Now I’m not saying Bitconnect is necessarily legit, but why do people feel they need to misrepresent what Bitconnect does in order to criticize it?

    • Lachy Cummings That’s the key. And those emotions can be a signal to yourself that you’re about to do something dumb.

  1. My best lesson was learning that investing is a lot better option for newcomers than trading.

    If I had have just bought and left most of my original trades alone I would be a lot better for it.

    • I agree. And I read a lot about investing (from Buffet, Lynch, etc.) before going into crypto. So, I just invest, hodl and believe I made the right choices. However, I’m learning about the charts, watching more experienced traders and I want to eventually enter the market as a trader as well. But I’ll still hold on to my long positions until I reach my goals or see a bear market overall.

    • the best thing to do is to make two single trades a year, i.e. buying when the dust is settled after the market crash (between February and April) and sell around late Winter (December-January) when the market starts crashing. In the meanwhile, just HODL whatever happens.

  2. Based on your 5 years in crypto, name one coin that had a good run and then dropped down to zero!!!
    Never saw something like this and i just want to analize it and make my own opinion.
    I dont mean something like this is hard to see but 90% of the coins will drop down to zero is an exageration… and quite discouraging.

    • The whole point of crypto is to have one currency everyone can exchange whats the point if there is 5000 cryptos

    • No need to look any further than the dotcom bubble. It is not an exaggeration. With so much money being tossed into the market, greed and wishful thinking cause a rush of new projects (with less quality) wanting to capitalize on investor ignorance/fomo/hype etc. Creating a successful company is hard. Really hard. Even great teams fail. Just because the majority of crypto projects will fail doesn’t mean you can’t make money. Use the money flow/irrational exuberance to your advantage.

    • Not an exaggeration at all. 95+% of the coins out there have no product, and when they have no product, they will go to zero..

    • guys, if you say that the meaning of crypto is to have just one crypto then IMHO you haven’t fully understood the potential in here. The meaning WAS to have a single coin – bitcoin. In fact, years ago all altcoins were trying to be a better bitcoin, i.e. a better coin for the currency use case, i.e. for buying stuff, commerce etc. Now with ICOs that’s totally changed: a few cryptocurrencies still tackle the currency use case (like Dash, Monero, Zcash or Litecoin) but most are now basically units of measure within a (usually) extremely focused scenario – for example ETHlend is for collateralized lending and Filecoin is for decentralized storage. We can agree that probably there will be just one coin per scenario, but there are as many scenarios as businesses in the world.
      That said, ICOs are so good as a crowdfunding engine that they have been abused by scammers, trolls and the likes. I can agree with you that it’s now like looking for nuggets in the junkyard, but IMHO in the future the number of tokens will even be bigger.

  3. Absolutely spot on, couldn’t agree with you more, almost everything I’ve experienced over the past 5 years trading. ALL YOU NEWBIE TRADERS WATCH THIS OVER AND OVER UNTIL IT STICKS IN MIND!

  4. I remember back in 2015 when you shifted…..looking back you called it Chris! I thought you were crazy for sure. LOL.

  5. I’ve watched my fair share of crypto videos & this is honestly the best one, the time you save people by giving this information out for free is amazing and I can tell it would take me years in my own to realise these. Thank you.

  6. I have lost some significant positions chasing Pump and Dump groups. Won’t ever follow that.
    Thanks Chris for putting it altogether.

  7. Patience, patience and patience. We lose a lot of money in trading because we aren’t patient enough to win big!

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