Uber Style Private Jets, Ending the TSA and the Drug War, Bitcoin Investing and Ending the Fed

Anarchast Ep.298.

Jeff interviews anarcho-capitalist entrepreneur Joby Weeks, subjects include: the UBER of personal jets, taking a trip the world, #goodbyeTSA, neutraceuticals, Bitcoin and blockchain apps, wise agreements, the non aggression principle, statism is wicked, Showing Sanders fans their error, this election is an opportunity to show the system does not work, tax is theft, a $100,000 mining charge, creating the largest Bitcoin mine worldwide, Ethereum mining, the Dao ordeal, the mining fee, Bitclub business opportunity, vote with your wallet, invest with good business and alter the world, wealth and freedom, Anarchapulco is the greatest personal conference in Acapulco, the smartest and richest people worldwide are behind bitcoin and altering the world.

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25 Comments on Uber Style Private Jets, Ending the TSA and the Drug War, Bitcoin Investing and Ending the Fed

  1. Isn’t Ethereum a big competitor for you since it’s designed to have more

  2. Make an app that translates language domains: When someone says “Tax”, your
    app says “Theft”. When someone says “Arrest”, your app says: “Kidnapping”.

  3. I belong down with you guys, it’s just a matter of getting my family on
    board… I want to be free

  4. Something I’ve long had a problem with is the idea that certain
    transactions need to be mediated. If I don’t require 3rd party mediation to
    buy a sandwich, why should it be required for land? Why should I seek or
    tolerate a 3rd party’s ‘help’ or permission to be involved in a trade with
    someone else?

  5. bitclub seems to be a scam. There are very bad reviews about bitclub in the

    • and why they do not have any Informations about their company on the
      website? i m disappointed by Jeff that he makes this kind of

  6. Great – seems like just more middlemen skimming other peoples work – just
    what a better world needs – unless Ive got the wrong impression of course –
    just seems nothing tangible is produced

  7. Great anarchast Jeff, but you should put your camera exposure settings on
    manual, moving clouds / changing light conditions keep messing up your
    exposure, audio is good though ! … Keep up the great work

  8. “Render that which is of Caesar unto Caesar” — unless you can find a
    private island you going to have to pay taxes. Yes it sucks but that’s

  9. I’m curious to know if Joby and Genesis Mining are going to market the bot
    he was talking about, that buys and sells Bitcoin on different exchanges.
    Jeff, Joby? Can you enlighten us?

  10. Great interview Jeff and Joby!! I love Bitcoin and since I have joined
    Bitclub I have learned a ton about the ecosystem and how we can leverage
    Bitcoin to change the world.

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