Bitcoin Q&A: The 14nm (nanometer) limit, decentralization, and renewable-energy mining

Keywords/phrases: Do you see the 14 nanometre limit of transistors as a good idea for decentralization? There's been an enormous increase in the hashing capability of the Bitcoin network and now it's slammed into Moore's Wall. It's a great thing since it extends the shelf-life of mining equipment from 2-3 months to almost 2 years. Previously, the factor of success in mining was how many kilometres you were from the semiconductor fabrication lab and how quick you could hook it approximately 50 megawatts of electrical energy. With a 2-year shelf-life, you can re-decentralize mining. Renewable resource with cycles of demand, using additional megawatt hours with low consumption that would be lost anyway to mine bitcoin. Bitcoin is a battery on a virtual blockchain.